The electric vehicle subscription service


You need to be between 25 – 65 years of age, along with the following requirements:

Full UK/EU Driving Licence: 3 years
Resident in the UK: 2 years
No more than 6 penalty points in last 3 years (minor convictions)
All major motoring convictions must be referred
Not banned within the last 5 years
No more than 1 fault claim within the last 3 years
All criminal convictions must be referred

Yes, all drivers meeting the entry requirements for EVezy will have comprehensive insurance provided with the service.

No. Only Members who reserve the vehicle are allowed to drive the vehicle. If a vehicle is driven by a non-Member (or a Member who did not reserve the vehicle) and an accident occurs, your membership will be terminated and you will be held responsible for all damages.

Please call us immediately if your vehicle has been stolen. Our vehicles are equipped with anti-theft and tracking devices which allow us to swiftly retrieve the vehicle. If you follow the EVezy instructions when exiting and entering the vehicle, the car will be immobile when you are not in it. Make sure you follow instructions carefully, as damage fees can be applied if the vehicle is left in an unlocked condition.

EVezy has fleet insurance, this policy unlocks complete flex-ability for customers, which allows you move from one car to another easily. To have this flexibility the policy has to be in EVezy’s name and not drivers, therefore drivers will not obtain NCB.


The support team will be able to remotely unlock the vehicle and start the engine for you. You will, however, need to contact us somehow on 0800 030 6840.

The first payment will be taken on the collection or delivery day of your car and that will be renewal date.

The vehicles have a real world range of at least 80 – 180 miles depending on the model.

If you wish to cancel your subscription all you need to do is call the EVezy team or go to the driver portal on www.drive.evezy.co.uk and select ‘cancel’. This will then trigger an email that you can send to the EVezy team to action.

Changes or cancellations to a subscription can be made after the first 30 days of the subscription with 10 days notice.

Miles are limited to 1,000 per month per subscription & vehicle. This can rollover from month to month, so will average out over the length of your subscription. Any overage will be then charged at 8p per mile.

Yes. EVezy covers the cost of electricity at any EVezy swap locations which will be rolling out soon. Any charging away from one of EVezy’s charging locations can be accessed by the cars membership card to the Chargemaster Polarplus network. You may bring the vehicle to any Evezy charging location at any time during your reservation to rapid charge during your booking.

Members are responsible for any traffic or parking violations. They must be dealt with as if it were your own vehicle. Any violations that come to EVezy may result in fees.

Members are responsible for any tolls. They must be dealt with as if it were your own vehicle. Any violations that come to EVezy may result in fees

If there is a problem with the vehicle, please call us immediately. We provide 24/7 road service. Keep in mind that you may be liable for the cost if it is due to driver error. This includes if you run out of charge while on the road, where a tow charge will apply.

Of course! We provide vehicles no older than 3 years old. Our vehicle preventive maintenance program ensures reliability and safety. Please call us if there are any damage or cleanliness problems with the vehicle.

The vehicles are smoke-free vehicles. We do not allow smoking under any circumstances. If you need to smoke, please do so away from the vehicle. Any smoke damage reported will result in cleaning fees.

You will reserve a specific vehicle for a specific time and specific location. At the time of your reservation and inspect the vehicle for damage. During your reservation, you can lock and unlock the vehicle with your smartphone, using the EVezy app. Make sure you switch the charger at the wall and unhook the charging cable before setting off. Please ensure the dashcam light is on, otherwise your insurance may be invalidated. Press the start button and you are on your way!