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Introducing our new mileage packages

May 26, 2020

We are now introducing our brand new mileage packages. With EVs having more range and the charging network getting better and better, you can now enjoy driving many more miles with your Evezy car. 

You can upgrade, downgrade or remove your mileage package to suit your needs, with full flexibility to make these changes online. Simply go to the "my account" section of our website when you log in. The package will start instantly and will be charged to your next monthly payment. 

Our packages can give you 250, 500 or 750 extra miles to the 1000 miles you already have included in your monthly subscription - easily done.

How does the pricing work? 

The price will change depending on your car tier, as you can see below. 

Car tier   Vehicles +250 miles +500 miles +750 miles Fee per mile 
without package (Overage)
Tier 1 Renault Zoe £20 £40 £75 £0.18
Tier 2  Nissan Leaf, BMW i3, Hyundai Ioniq £30 £60 £105 £0.22
Tier 3 Tesla Model 3 SR+ £50 £100 £170


Tier 4 Tesla Model 3 LR and Performance, Tesla Model S, Jaguar iPace £100 £200 £330 £0.50
How can I manage my miles package?

You will be able to manage this from the ‘My Account’ section on our website, where these packages will be available to purchase from 28th of May, 2020. Here is an example of how it looks:

How many packages can I buy per month?

1 package per month. Unfortunately, if you go over your existing 1000 miles allowance and haven’t bought a mileage package, you will be charged per mile (overage). 
Packages are also non-refundable, you cannot carry over any leftover mileage either.

Your next subscription month will begin with the core 1000 miles. You can add one package during that month and the extra miles will be applied immediately, but you will only be charged for it when your subscription renews. When your renewal date comes along, your miles will reset to 1000 again, unless you have selected a recurring package.

* For all existing subscribers: as of May 29, 2020, miles will continue to roll over from March 2020 (or the start of your subscription if it is after March) until July 2020, to allow you to enjoy the miles you haven’t been able to use during the lockdown! During these months, we will not charge you the overage if you are under your miles allowance. 

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