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Join Evezy - New Branding, Same Approved Services

March 13, 2019



Why did we rebrand?


We are excited to announce that Evezy has undergone rebranding, this is something that we have put a lot of time and effort to ensure we get it right and are so happy to finally be able to share it with you.  We have received an overwhelming amount of interest in the past few months since launching.

Our new identity had to satisfy all of the existing expectations of our original service and what it stands for, while simultaneously moving the brand forward to acknowledge the simplicity, accessibility, and inclusivity of our service. Our new branding intends to realign our visual identity with our vision which is to offer an all-inclusive electric car subscription minimising the hassle of ownership, while leading the way in technology and exceptional customer service. We will continue to deliver a unique all-inclusive subscription.


For us, the key reasons were;

To create a visual identity that could support this our service as we grow;

To ensure our visual identity is aligned with our brand and vision to pioneer the future of mobility in the UK


Why now?

It's time for a change and we know at times change can be a little daunting but there's no better time like the present.  We are rolling out a new branding effort to reflect Evezys growth making it the perfect time. We are experiencing so many new and exciting things; our team is rapidly growing in the UK, we're expanding our fleet and our users are increasing by the day.


What’s changed?

Evezy has rebranded to ensure our visual identity corresponds with our growth and precisely communicates our vision and unique service offering.  We want to reassure you that our service and how it works has not changed.  We have only made changes that we believe will enhance your experience.  We’re bigger and better — our all-inclusive flexible subscription model remains the same, we have rebranded in accordance with our rapid growth that has allowed us to refresh our branding to better communicate.

The main changes you will be able to notice is the changes we have made to our app, logo and icon.

Old App

New App

We have refreshed our app by adding some new and improved user-friendly efficiencies and we’ve also fixed some minor glitches, to improve how our app works.

We recommend all iPhone users who may be facing difficulties to delete the App and reinstall it.

Old Logo

New Logo

Say goodbye to our previous logo, and hello to our new refreshed logo which aims to be simple, recognisable and radiant.

Old Icon

New Icon

Our new icon has been refreshed to better communicate our identity.


We want to take this opportunity to thank you for your continued support. We look forward to the journey ahead. Our previous branding will remain dear to our hearts as it got us to this point.  

We're excited to share our news with you. We would love to hear your thoughts…

There are some more exciting things to come so stay tuned and follow us on our social media channels to stay up to date.

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